Kemek’s Brand Launch

Kemek Band Launch Speech

The new Kemek Brand was formally launched on Friday September 8th at Trinity College, Dublin. The event surpassed expectations, bringing industry leaders and partners together under one roof to witness the dawning of a new chapter for our company. The historic and exquisite Library Long Room, showcasing the spectacular GAIA exhibition, served as the perfect venue for our launch.

Revealing the Essence of Kemek

The Kemek logo and icon were presented, embodying the journey that brought us to this point. This was a source of pride, a tribute to our heritage, and a bridge to a promising future.

An Evening of Connections

The Brand Launch Party provided a platform for nurturing relationships that are destined to shape the industry’s path ahead.

Throughout the night, a consistent theme resonated – our unwavering commitment to unlocking potential. The event echoed with the promise of embracing change, pushing boundaries, and propelling the industry.

As the evening concluded, a sense of optimism and anticipation for the future. Our Brand Launch Party achieved its objective – to celebrate innovation, transformation, and a rejuvenated identity in the eyes of those who matter most, Kemek’s customer and partners.

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