Taking Safety to
Another Level for
over 50 Years

Taking Safety to Another Level for over 50 Years

Global standards. Local expertise.
We deliver safely and securely.

About Us

32 hours average
safety training per
employee per year


1 full day dedicated to
safety every year


15 Safety
communications per
employee per year

Safety Ambassador Programme

Safety is our number one priority. Our Safety Ambassador Programme raises the profile of behavioural effects and encourages employees to take greater responsibility for their own safety and for those around them.


Behavioural safety master mode

Safety Ambassadors embed behavioural safety and develop employee ownership of safety


Working together to achieve our common goal: a safer Work Place

ISO 45001 Certified

Internal audits routinely across all our activities to ensure operations continue to be safe


Continuously seeking better and safer ways to complete our daily tasks using new technology where appropriate

Advancing Safety

Leading the change

Our safety-first mindset, Behavioural Safety Model and regular updates are designed to continually develop our team’s working behaviours and a safe working culture. We believe that everyone has the right to stop work, if for any reason they feel conditions are unsafe.

Sharing best practice

We like to share
our knowledge

Our team is building a network of safety knowledge and best practice to share with our employees, customers and partners. Working together to develop the safety of our industry.


Committed to do the right thing for future generations


Participating in key infrastructure initiatives impacting Ireland’s development


Fostering a culture of confidence and accountability

People at the heart of all that we do

Our people support the work of local businesses, national infrastructure projects and international activities. We work in partnership to develop the sector for a sustainable future.


Utilising our network

Our Plant Control System, Product Track & Trace Technology and Technical Services Tools are benefits of our international connections. We continuously monitor and onboard innovative ideas that can be implemented in our operations. By leveraging our group presence and reach, we strive to shape a better future.


Developing the Island of Ireland

We work locally to develop transport infrastructure, quarrying and mining operations. Focused on constructing connections between people and places to develop opportunities for your operation.


Planted 7500 number of trees


Continuously working on our climate action plan


Partnering to seek environmental efficiencies

Environmental Management

Developing green skills to evolve our practices and using cutting technology to enhance our procedures. The result is more operational continuity and sustainable extraction across our delivery of products and services.


Proactive Progression

Kemek voluntary joined Repack over 10 years ago to maximise the potential of our recycling practices. Repack is an environmental non-for-profit organization with the vision to help Ireland achieve its recycling targets and protect the environment. Other initiatives include our team planting of trees with Reforest Nation, whose goal is to bring back the diverse native forest to restore the balance of nature and reduce carbon in the atmosphere.


Quality Control

We provide high-quality, professional and efficient services to meet our customers’ expectations. This results in securing efficiencies, a strong customer focus and long-term sustainability. Kemek’s quality system meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.


Supporting our local communities for over 50 years


Sourcing local employment, suppliers and contractors


Native crab apple trees provided to over 60 schools nationwide

One Kemek, many communities

Consideration for individuals, community connections and social responsibility. We respect all our people and place them at the heart of our actions and development strategy. With a presence all across the Island of Ireland, we seek to grow in harmony with all of our communities.


Growing Communities

Part of the success of our operations is the support of our communities, so we dedicate time and resources to give back. We were part of the recent Brigid 1500 initiative where we supported the planting of native crab apple trees in schools across Co. Kildare. An initiate to inspire students and others as the custodians of the natural environment that surrounds us.


Driving Ambition

Acknowledging the commitment of our team and supporting small businesses can happen in tandem. Our team recently participated in a corporate driving experience with Rally School Ireland in Co. Monaghan, one local business championing another.


Operating under the principles of Lean Six Sigma since 2020


In-house continuous improvement steering group


Over 80% of our employees have undergone Lean training

Adapting, advancing, leading

We adhere to the latest global and local standards to drive our continuous improvement. The emulsion we use in our blasts is designed and manufactured in-house by us to ISO9001 Quality Management Standards. We are ISO45001 certified in Occupational Health & Safety Management Standard and have an Environmental Management Systems to provide our team with frameworks to safely minimise impacts. Additionally, we are ISO22301 Business Continuity certified, we strive to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

Embracing technology

Full suite of technical services

We trial and adapt the latest digital tools and technologies to offer you drone services, 3D digital modeling, digital site maps, surveillance, blast videos and more. Using insights and data to help you to maximise your site’s potential with all your data at your fingertips.

Network of knowledge

Driving Ambition

Since 2020, Kemek has embraced Lean principles to enhance operations, successfully completing over 25 projects. These include Weighbridge optimisation, refining climate control, streamlining customer bookings and improving water and fuel oil management.

Our comprehensive digital transformation introduced digital invoicing and asset tracking. Currently, we’re modernising our ERP system to bolster integration, communication and operational efficiency.

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