Kemek’s Commitment to Safety: A Day Devoted to Employee Well-being

At Kemek, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s part of our DNA. Each year, we take a day to focus on the well-being of our employees through a comprehensive Safety Day event. This event is run by our Safety Champions who work across various departments in the company.

This year’s Safety Day was a testament to our commitment to the holistic health and safety of our workforce. The agenda covered a wide spectrum of topics essential to our employees’ overall well-being.

Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, sessions on wellness and nutrition were integrated into the day’s program. Our employees had the opportunity to learn about maintaining a balanced diet and the significance of well-being in their professional and personal lives.

Addressing the physical aspects of safety, we delved into physiotherapy and manual handling techniques. An external expert shared valuable insights, equipping our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent injuries and promote a safer work environment.

Home security took centre stage in one of the sessions. Employees received practical tips and information to enhance their home safety, creating a comprehensive approach to safeguarding our team members both in and outside the workplace.

As a company operating within the quarry sector, quarry health risk assessment became a vital topic of discussion. Our Safety Day provided a platform for an employee to share his own personal experience of a specific incident and he highlighted a potential risk associated with the industry and the measures that can be put in place to mitigate it.

The success of our Safety Day is a tribute to the collaborative efforts of our Safety Champions, employees, and external experts who generously contribute their time and expertise. At Kemek, our Safety Day is more than just a mandatory event; it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to the well-being of our greatest asset – our people.

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