An on-site manufactured product, blended by our operators utilising our modern fleet of Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units (MEMUs).

Produced, Transported, and Expertly Blended Onsite Safely

Kemex is manufactured to meet ISO9001 Quality Management and IS045001 Occupational Health & Safety Management standards .

At Kemek, we offer a complete, on-site service that delivers explosives directly into the borehole, ensuring controlled and effective blast results. Utilising a modern fleet of MEMUs (Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units), equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our operators conduct on-site blending of the components that constitute the Kemex product. In addition, our use of non-explosive ingredients eliminates the risks associated with transporting finished explosives on the road and within the quarry, with no manual handling of cases or disposal of waste products and packaging.

Kemex offers waterproof qualities, making it ideally suited for both dry and wet conditions. It ensures 100% rock coupling within the borehole, maximizing the use of the explosive’s energy. It also gives flexibility as it eliminates the need for last-minute changes to explosives orders.


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