Upgrading of our Manufacturing Plant

Kemek has been working on an extensive overhaul of its emulsion production for the past 18 months. With safety being of utmost importance, this upgrade not only maintains current safety levels but also strives to enhance and broaden safety measures. A rigorous management of change protocol, coupled with meticulous evaluations of Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) and risk assessments – performed both internally and with external experts – will ensure that the plant becomes safer and more dependable following the upgrade.

After a rigorous selection process, the contract for this upgrade was entrusted to EPC 2i, a distinguished French company, subsidiary of EPC Groupe, with substantial experience in constructing and implementing control systems within explosive emulsion plants. The collaboration between EPC 2i’s experienced team and Kemek’s on-site expertise has forged a strong alliance, capable of managing the upgrade seamlessly while accommodating ongoing production schedules.

Innovative Approaches and Unyielding Quality

The production plant employs a continuous process production methodology, setting it apart from conventional production operations. Capitalizing on EPC 2i’s proficiency in designing and constructing batch production plants, synergised with our in-house knowledge, a robust and efficient process has been crafted. This novel approach incorporates innovative technologies and processes, further underscoring our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Maintaining an emphasis on the quality of emulsions produced remains a central component. The upgrade substantially enhances quality control by introducing more rigorous testing and enhanced processes. These advancements translate into even more stringent criteria for emulsion manufacturing. Enhanced control over variables such as final product temperature, viscosity, and density constitutes the cornerstone of the control system’s enhancements.

In essence, the upgrade undertaken by Kemek stands as a testament to our dedication to safety, innovation, and unparalleled excellence in emulsion production.

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