Post Drill Surveying

A post drill borehole survey provides a straightforward way to monitor drilling activity accurately.

Eliminate the risks associated with incorrect borehole data

Borehole deviation can happen but without a reliable way of measuring it and taking the actual results of drilling activity into account, you can incur more cost on breakage, transport, explosives and fuel. You also risk worker safety and that of others working or living near blast sites. Borehole deviation is not a rare occurrence. Whether it is the experience of the driller, the quality of the equipment, the angle drilled or the local geology, boreholes frequently deviate from their intended path.

In the past, there was no straightforward way to measure deviation. Mechanical methods lacked accuracy, so Kemek decided to implement the electronic borehole system. Used in conjunction with the 3D Surveying, the data retrieved can be integrated into the Blast Design Software to produce a detailed analysis of the drilling activity and its impact of the site to be blasted.

Deployed from the quarry top into the drilled borehole, the electronic probe measures hole depth, angle, azimuth, and deviation. With this information, our Technical Service Engineers can eliminate the risks associated with incorrect borehole data, like fly-rock caused by poorly drilled and designed blasts.

All our services are included within the scope of the Kemek’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety.


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